Carry Me Softly

by Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

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R 23,920
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R 23,920

This project is raising funds to secure the purchase of 20 new Cosmic Carriers for Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital. The Cosmic Carrier brand of pet crate offers a safe and comfortable space for a wide range of our injured and baby patients. It's a crate that gives animals a sense of privacy and security but also allows the treating hospital staff easy access to the patients through multiple opening options with minimal stress to the recovering animal. The crates are lightweight, durable and can be set up and folded down in seconds - imperative in our daily hospital emergencies. They are also easy to store, move and disinfect.

The Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital is a Non-Profit Company and the first of its kind in South Africa – a registered wildlife veterinary hospital and a rehabilitation center that is fully permitted by the Department of Environmental Affairs. We exclusively treat, rehabilitate, release and, where necessary, pursue legal recourse for small to medium indigenous wildlife, free of charge.

As our urban environment expands further and further into natural habitat, species face ever growing threats and an ever-increasing number of wild animals are finding themselves in situations requiring emergency intervention in some way. These creatures are brought into our facility from all around South Africa and could have fallen victim to a variety of circumstances such as human/animal conflict, displacement, veld fires, intercepted illegal wildlife trade, dog/cat attacks, road accidents, illegal keeping and blatant, premeditated animal abuse. The species we treat range from the most common species to the highly endangered ones and include all mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. We aim to continually improve the quality of the treatment, survival rate and rehabilitation success rate of small to medium-sized indigenous South African wildlife. more

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Funded to date:

R 23,920

Funding goal: R 23,920
NGO: Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital
Start: 1st June 2023
End: 30th November 2023
PBO: 930055522
Field agent: Wendy Willson